Free Dental Care for Hosted Children


The Hope Epidemic is excited to be a part of caring for the hosted Children of New Horizons for Children & Project 143! Dr. Scott W. Smith in Loganville, Georgia has set aside Friday January 3rd as a day of free dental exams & cleanings for the children being hosted in the metro Atlanta area.

If you are a host family, and would like to sign up for the free dental care, simply click the link below to schedule your appointment. There is no cost for the dental care. This is simply The Hope Epidemic & Dr. Smith caring for Orphans. Any donations will go to the ministry of The Hope Epidemic.

  • Appointments are available from 8:00am – 5:00pm.
  • Dr. Smith’s office is located at 4376 Lawrenceville Hwy, Loganville, GA. 30052 | Map

If you have any questions, please contact The Hope Epidemic at



Igor Klishchenko’s ministry to Russian orphans.

Igor_with_boy-262x425I am pleased to announce that The Hope Epidemic will be the new U.S. partner for Igor Klishchenko’s ministry to Russian orphans. You can read more about Igor here.
For many years, Igor has been under the support of Big Family Mission. Big Family is in a season of transition and Igor will be coming under the “umbrella” of The Hope Epidemic.

If any of you who partner with Igor wish to make a year-end donation to Igor’s ministry, please make the donation through The Hope Epidemic here:
Igor Klishchenko donation page. At your convenience, you can move your monthly donation from Big Family Mission over to The Hope Epidemic.

If you have any questions, about this change in U.S. partner for Igor, please let us know.
Thank you and God bless you for your support of Igor’s ministry through The Hope Epidemic!  You are changing the lives and giving hope to God’s precious children in Russian orphanages!

My Feet Aren’t Touching The Ground

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 4.31.35 PM “My feet aren’t touching the ground”….these were the words spoken by Ranan, director of Lar Herminia orphanage when I presented the idea of a hosting program for the children. As I sat there with him in the small conference room in the administration building of his orphanage, a building that needs quite a bit of repair work, I began to describe a hosting program. I told him how I wanted to bring he and the children to America next Christmas so that each of the kids could spend a month with a loving Christian family and possibly even go on to be adopted. His eyes teared up and his face said it all.

One of the 3 goals for this trip was to take the first steps towards beginning an orphan hosting program in Brazil. We met with 2 directors, Ranan, and Orley Bocon, director of Fundacao Iniciativa. I am so excited to tell you that both directors are100% for allowing the kids from their orphanage to be hosted Christmas 2014 and they believe it will be easily approved by the government officials they report to. There is a lot of work to be done and I am beyond excited to see how God works in this new ministry.

Christmas Shoe Boxes
Another goal of the trip was to deliver shoeboxes full of Christmas gifts to the children at Lar Herminia orphanage. Because of the generosity of Graystone Church, Transit College Ministry of Eagles Landing First Baptist, and families of students from Loganville Christian Academy, we were able to take over 100 boxes of gifts to the kids. This allowed us to not only give gifts to the kids at Lar Herminia, but we were able to provide for 60 other orphans! Go God!

Child Sponsorship
The third goal of the trip was to kick off our Child Sponsorship program. The Hope Epidemic Sponsor program is much like that of organizations like World Vision or Compassion International. For $35 a month, a child can be sponsored and provided for. Not only will the sponsorships improve the nutrition and education of the child, but it will also provide the opportunity to hear the Gospel, take music lessons, & experience an overall improvement in the quality of life they currently have. The child sponsorship program will be ready for sponsors in early 2014.

All 3 of our major goals for the trip were not only met, but were exceeded!

Thank you to everyone who made it possible, especially the Hope Epidemic Team & donors.

The Hope Epidemic has some of the most generous donors and team members on the face of the earth. God is and is going to continue to do HUGE things through the ministry of The Hope Epidemic.

God Bless


Christmas Gifts to Brazil

ImageToday I will be flying to Brazil to hand deliver over 100 shoeboxes filled with Christmas gifts for Orphans. I will be joined by Heath Hollandsworth, the Missions Pastor @ Graystone Church.  I am really excited about this trip and praying that God will open new doors for ministry to Orphans through The Hope Epidemic. Not only will we be delivering the Christmas gifts, but we will be meeting with leaders in the Brazilian Orphan Care system and presenting the idea to them of starting a hosting program. This hosting program would allow Brazilian orphans to come spend 4 weeks with an American family and experience the love of a family. 

We want to give a HUGE thanks to Graystone Church, Transit College Ministry of Eagles Landing FBC, Loganville Christian Academy, and everyone else who gave generously to fill these boxes and make this trip possible. 

Things to pray for:

  • that all 10 of our suitcases full of gifts will arrive safe & that there will be no issues with customs
  • that the directors of the orphanages will be open to pursuing a hosting program
  • that the kids will be drawn closer to Jesus through the gifts we deliver

If you want to see live updates during the trip, follow The Hope Epidemic on Instagram or Twitter.

When we return on December 9th, I’ll be sure to send out an email update with some pictures & video of the trip!

God Bless, 



November Update

Hope Ep WallWe are so excited to share some recent things that have developed!

The past 6 weeks have been filled with huge blessings and tons of progress.
We have partnered with Graystone Church, and we are thrilled to be a part of their growing orphan ministry. Through their dedication, we collected 60+ toy-filled shoeboxes to send to Lar Herminia orphanage in Curitiba, Brazil for Christmas. These boxes will be taken the first of next month, and there will be pictures of their smiling faces to come! In July, we will be taking a mission team from Graystone to minister in the orphanage in Brazil. So exciting! Please pray for us as we pursue a child sponsorship & hosting program in Brazil.

We are so thankful for our generous supporters who continue to give and believe in our mission. Thank you so much for your generosity. The Hope Epidemic is excited about what is going on, and we will continue to keep you updated on what is happening!

Close The Gap


Ok. So, you’re reading your bible. You’ve got your coffee, your sunrise, your brand new journal that looks like it’s made out of hundred year old leather. Maybe you’ve even insta’d the moment. And now you get to one of the more than 2000 verses in the Bible that would lead you to believe that you, as a follower of Jesus, are to care for orphans. You are striving to truly be a doer and not just a hearer, so you stop and ask yourself and God, “How can I obey this verse today. Or this week.” If you’re like the average American, you find yourself in quite a conundrum. “Hmmm. I don’t know any orphans at work. Or at soccer practice. Or at church. None of my kids’ friends are orphans. It’s not like I’m gonna adopt a kid this week.” So you keep reading hoping to find something that you can actually DO. Soon.

Unfortunately, the American church has found itself in quite a unique situation. Up until about 50 years ago, an American Christian could read that verse and have a face and name pop in their head. And still, in most other countries, it’d be almost laughable for Christians to hear about people in America who are sitting around racking their brains to come up with a way to practice “religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless” (James 1:27). We find ourselves in this bubble, devoid (or so it seems) of the very people that appear to be super duper close to the heart of God. This unique problem is gonna require a unique plan. Since we find ourselves in a situation that has rarely if ever existed before, our churches are going to have to start doing some things that have rarely, if ever, been done. We’ve gotta be creative and strategic and figure out how we can infuse actual orphans with names and faces into our church bubble. Make it personal.

This is the ministry to which God has called The Hope Epidemic. We want to come alongside your church and provide training, ideas,and connections so that orphan care is real and personal. Not just to the people who are already thinking about adoption, but also to the people who think adoption is the only way and are scared to death of that. What God’s shown us is that there’s an entry level to orphan care for every Christian. It is not something that some are “called to” and others aren’t. If we offer that entry to every person in a congregation, the Holy Spirit will then take each person on the orphan care journey that He has for them. If we can bring real orphans into the bubble of our churches, we can trust that the Christ in each believer Who has a special place in His heart for the fatherless will no doubt give us a heart for them as well.

We are so very excited to team up with churches and really see what God can do when we expose ourselves consistently to the precious children who He mentions so often in His word! Please feel free to contact us if you or your church would like to hear more about The Hope Epidemic and our mission. Distance may make the heart grow fonder in some cases, but when it comes to caring for orphans, it’s the distance that’s numbed and overwhelmed us. We are going to close that gap!